Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Recommended Reading

So alot of my friends (who are hopefully reading this) have made different kinds of New Year's resolutions involving reading more. Over the last year, I managed to start/finish a number of really good series of books by some great authors. I thought I'd put my suggestions and reviews out here so maybe someone else could become as intrigued and enthralled with these authors.

  • Stieg Larsson - He is the author of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo trilogy. This series follows a journalist and a brilliantly odd young girl he employs as they investigate a prominent family's mystery. This of course involves them in scandal, murder, and twisted romances. The trilogy continues to follow the same characters through the repercussions this investigation has on their lives. The book take a little to pick up since first it starts out giving some background information, but the information is definitely necessary to the rest of the story which is well worth the wait.
  • Dan Brown - He is the author of Angels and Demons, The DiVinci Code, and The Lost Symbol.  These are very well-known books, but if you haven't read them yet you should. They are about a symbologist, Robert Langdon, as he is pulled into strange journeys surrounding ancient mysteries. These books do not have to be read in any specific order, but Angels and Demons is definitely the best. If you are at all a skeptic, you will love these books.
  • Janet Evanovich - She is the author of a series of books following the adventures of Stephanie Plum, a Jersey girl and newly-hired bail bonds agent (aka bounty hunter). The first book in the series (currently there are 15 and growing) is One For the Money. She continually is involved in ridiculous situations, blowing up cars, and 2 beautiful men. You will be laughing out loud.
  • James Rollins - He is the author of the Sigma Force series starting with the book Sandstorm. The Sigma Force is an ultra specialized team within the military that combines the training of Navy Seals with the intelligence of a PhD (or multiple PhDs). They get called in for top secret missions frequently involving the combination of modern technology with ancient mysteries.  If you are at all a science geek, these books will amaze you. He also has a number of books not in this series if you interested in a fun quick read (you cannot put them down). I recommend Amazonia; an adventure exploring the medicinal qualities of the Amazon through its terrifying wilderness, naturally while being chased.