Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I will always love books. This is a very definitive statement; however, I cannot see this fact changing in the near future. The e-books can run a nice ad, but so far the nook/kindle/etc does not hold up to my life. Aside from the fact that I am a true book lover who needs to turn a physical page and not get headaches from staring at a screen, I tend to submerge my books in water at least once a year. Usually it's nothing special, just me dropping my book in a pool or something equally lame and stupid. Occasionally it is incredibly fitting, such as the year my Treasure Island book was almost washed out to sea by a wave on the beach.  This year (and I know it's very early in the summer to have happened already) it was particularly memorable...

This Memorial Day weekend was incredibly hot and therefore was spent mostly on or very close to my parent's dock on Elk Lake. My mother was coming to the dock to join us and had nicely brought my book down with hers and a camera for some fun pictures. She grabbed a plastic chair to sit and read. The next 10 seconds will last forever in my memory. She set the chair down on the dock with her arms still full of everything else. Unknown to her and the rest of us, one of the back legs of the chair was just off the dock. Then she sat down. In slo-mo (or so it seemed), she tumbled feet over head backwards off the dock. Yes. It was awesome! Hilarious. She did pop back up very quickly so there were no worries of injuries; but her, the chair, and everything she was holding were soaking wet. Thank you very much mother for reminding me why I have not and will not invest in an e-book.

*On a side note, everything including the camera and my mother survived this little dip in the lake just fine.