Saturday, April 13, 2013

Drunkin' Promises

Drunkin' promises are some of my favorite kind of promises - just ask Val. They have also historically resulted in some of my best decisions (such as the pre-graduation Miami vacation). For this reason, I tend to follow through with my drunkin' promises.  Recently, I have found a new friend (read:facilitator) that agrees with this same philosophy and I have made 2 promises that I'm looking forward to. First, we are going to see Fun in concert. I'm very excited since I haven't been to a concert in forever and I really like this band. Second (in the traditional theme of agreeing to trips), I'm going to Greece. It's not finalized, but even after thinking it through I'm even more excited for this vacation. All that's left is to book it now.

Blogging About Blogging

So there are a number of things I've been meaning to share about what an awesome winter I had this year. I just haven't gotten there yet. So I promise along with getting better about keeping you all updated on my current fun times, I will try to post a few flashback posts about some of my winter fun. Get excited.