Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Not New Jersey

So I am officially settled in to my new Maryland digs. While I'm awaiting the start of my new job, I thought I'd take a moment to reflect back. To promote some excitement about exploring Baltimore, here are some things I'm hoping are behind me in Jersey:

  • NJ Drivers - I'm really hoping the commotion of blowing horns and sliding across 4 lanes of traffic are a thing of my past. It would be good for lowering my blood pressure.
  • Flooding - 3 years, 3 floods, 1 boat evacuation, and 10 days without power... enough said. I have been continuously reassured that floods like don't happen here.
  • Air Quality Alerts - With NYC so close, any day the temperature was over 90 degrees we got air quality alerts. Basically it meant, beware you are about to walk out into a cloud of smog. Lovely.
  • Fist Pumping - Raising the roof is fine, but pumping a fist up and down in the air is not a dance move.
  • Allergens - My allergens have been out of control in Jersey which has resulted in me being medicated about 9 months of the year.  Sadly, that may increase here in Baltimore where the weather appears to be even warmer.