Sunday, February 6, 2011

Meet Duke

So I should probably start at the beginning which would be last March.... As many of you know, my family does a rather rowdy March Madness bracket pool every year. Last year my cousin was pregnant and she felt this gave her the right to an extra bracket entry. I felt she should have planned better to have the baby before the tournament in order to get an extra bracket. After a pre-pool vote, I lost and she was given her wish.  To prove my point of how silly this was, I created an entry for Fluffy my unborn dog. I paid the extra $5 for his bracket and everyone got a good laugh out of my funny joke. Fluffy the unborn dog had a throw-away bracket. For those non-March Madnessers that means it was ridiculous and could only win if I was dreaming.  Fluffy picked Duke to win and while they are a good team, they never seem to get far in the tournament- except last year they won.  And so did Fluffy my unborn dog.

I have wanted a dog for a long time and lately I've been much more settled, so I started seriously looking. I also knew I wanted to rescue a dog because my family has had such a great experience with our pound puppy, Maddy. Two week ago I was going to see another dog that a non-profit called Second Chance had, but when I walked to the door I saw this little fluff ball and I was sold. I couldn't allow myself to actually name my new dog Fluffy, so I settled on Duke. He is just 2 years old and is completely house trained. His previous owner had a stroke and could no longer care for him so he was surrender to the pound. He has free rein of the house while I'm gone at work and is perfect all day. He doesn't know any commands yet like sit or stay and we definitely have to work on the begging. He is a complete lap dog, but its so fun to have him excited to see me when I get home and to want to cuddle with me.