Saturday, April 9, 2011

Things I Learned in College

A few blogs recently have been in flashback mode due to the impending excitement of a BU Delta reunion southern wedding style. Reading these blogs has caused me to reflect on some of the finer things my friends and I learned from our days at BU....

  1. Defenestration - The act of throwing something or someone out the window. Best freshmen orientation ever.
  2. Good Cleaning Habits - Better yet don't make the mess in the first place; use a sippy cup.
  3. Good Hospitality - Always be accommodating to your guest.  Kegs are heavy; beer balls are just as good and much easier to carry.
  4. Beer Marathons - Perfected through college; you must start in the morning, hydrate well (only after your alcoholic drink or you'll lose points), and are best when they involve t-shirts and sharpies for documentation.
  5. Phil Sucks - Damn his strawberry kamikazes and his hammer in my head. However, he did prompt the "who's in your bed" game that is of particular relevance to this upcoming reunion.
  6. Always be a Knight - But remember its the days of the Quest that matter.